3S-Xccess Access Control System
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3S-Xccess is a flexible and modular access control system that detects contactlessly RFID-Transponder (TIRIS) contained in a card or keyring tag. The system consists of security devices that are used for monitoring and controlling the entry to a room, a building, or section of a building. When holding a transponder near the sensor the reader module will detect it, check its ID-code and if permission exists will grant access by activating its relay to unlock the door. The system consists of a few basic components that when networked and combined in various ways can handle the whole range of requirements from the simplest to the most complex one. The entire system is managed and configured by using 3S-KeyManager.

·A simple Standard-Application of an access control system is shown here  
·This example illustrates an access control system for remotely located doors  
·The reader module can also operate stand alone without any connection to a PC  
Basic Components  
·Reader Module (industrial version) for harsh environments, operates with 2 sensors  
- Each of the 2 sensors controls its assigned relay (door)  
- Runs autonomous and needs no permanent connection to a PC  
- High system reliability, since it does not depend on any central controller  
- Sensors are detachable (cable), reader module can thus be mounted tamper-proof at a safe place  
- Comes with many special security functions  
- The system grows by simply adding more reader modules  
- User movement is recorded and forwarded to PC-server for displaying the current attendance-status on all enabled workstations.  
·Indoor Reader Module: reader and sensor integrated into cap of a flush-mount switch to be used indoors.  
·Transponder (TIRIS) passive or active for larger reading distances  
·3S KeyManager (PC program) with a simple mouse-click you manage the entitlements (permission of who may enter when and where)  
Simple and straightforward to install  
·Easy to wire, as there are no central control units that would make installation difficult.  
·All reader modules connect to the RS485 bus in the same fashion.  
·An optional LED-Testdevice assists in locating possible wiring errors.  
·The RS485-Bus is terminated with the corresponding Interface for either COM-port, TCP/IP or Modem connection.  
·The time to familiarize with the installation requirements is reduced to a minimum.  
·Existing CAT-5 installations can be shared, provided that 3 wires are available.  
·Sensors are detached by cable from the reader module, it can thus be mounted at a safe place. Tampering is therefore made impossible as a manipulation of the cable or sensor will not open the door.  
·Relay Unit, expands reader module by additional 16 relays (max. 64)  
·Keyboard-Unit for manual code entry at a keyboard  
·Max 15m detachable Sensors (antenna) embedded in the case of a flush-mounted light switch or a custom designed name- / company-plate.