Relay Unit
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Block Diagram  

Each relay unit extends the reader module by 16 additional relays. The reader module can control up to 64 relays, so 4 relay units can be connected it via RS485 bus. Each relay has a two-way contact and its delay time and pulse duration can be individually programmed. Small toggle switches (option) are used to control the relays manually in case of a disruption. A sabotage switch that detects the opening of the case can be included into an external alert loop line.

The relay unit cannot be used without a reader module.

·16 relays with two-way contact (1A / 100V AC) minimal required current: 100mA @ 5V  
·available at LSA terminal strip  

·uses RS485-Bus (2 lines plus ground)  
·recommended cable: CAT-5  
·for remote configuration  

·Configuration data is stored non volatile in EEPROM  
·On-site configuration by IR remote control  
·advance configuration using 3S KeyManager (software)  

·provides sabotage contacts to be included in an alert loop line that signals when module case is opened  

Power supply

·12V DC +/-25% 20 mA (standby) 320 mA (all relays active)  
Temperature Range
·-10° .. +50° Celsius  
·robust water proof IP65 case 130 x 130 x 35 mm  


·3-digit display used during on-site installation and displays operating status.