KeyManager Software
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The software package 3S-KeyManager is a powerful but easy to use tool to configure the entire networked access control hardware, to manage admission entitlements for each person and to analyze actual user movements at a later time. Entitlements are defined in the Access Plan (permission of who may enter when and where) by a simple mouse click. Even untrained users will quickly learn how to use it.

Features in brief
·Up to max. 100.000 transponders and 10.000 reader modules are supported  
·Displays graphically overview of the total Security Access System status  
·Access plan (permission of who may enter when and where), a simple mouse click specifies admission entitlements.  
·Changes are logged with user name.  
·Access plan can easily be printed on paper for documentation purposes  
·User movement is monitored and recorded by reader modules. This data is automatically gathered in short intervals and condensed for clear illustration.  
·Very easy to operate. Even untrained users will quickly learn how to use it.  
·User Language can be switched on the fly, additional languages can be added at a later time.  
·Designators are customizable to match the jargon in the field; e.g. a Card-owner may be called Employee or Guest etc.  
·Uses a SQL database  
·Runs on any Windows PC as a so-called Thin-Client that connects with the database server via a TCP/IP-Network (Internet / Intranet). Client can run from any remote location.  
·The TCP/IP data link can be encoded and compressed to allow for a secure and fast operation even when using a slow internet connection.  
·Can be invoked by other programs using command line parameters to enable application automation  
·Installs quickly on any Windows platform (Win9x / NT / Win2000 / XP) and requires no special preinstalled Windows components or hardware items.  
·Can cooperate ideally with the 3S-Plus Time & Attendance software package  
·Configures reader module hardware properties  
·Predefines time schedules to be used in Access Plan for time restricted admissions  
·Assigns transponder to card owner  
·Transfers data to / from reader modules  
·Configuration data can be prepared off-site in advance, and then only need to be copied to the on-site system  
·Each user (operator) is assigned his individual rights of what he is allowed to do.  
KeyManager - Screenshots  
Access Plan  
Entitlements of who may enter when and where are set by a simple mouse click  

= time restricted access according to predefined time schedule  
= access around the clock